Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Seriously WTF is going on with Tara Reid in general? Her career has been on a downward spiral since American Pie and her weight is always going up and down although more down of late. The mediocre actress was papped walking around LA the other day and the bitch looked skeletal to say the least. With the exception of the air bags in her chest she pretty much looked like a fake skeleton stolen from a high school and then put in a trashy LA outfit. We hope she gains weight before she dies and she really needs to fix the gold color of her hair too cause it's rank. Oh dear... it's pretty evident that these celebs need us in their lives.

[Image via WENN]


  1. Okay okay...
    I'm WITH you on this one.

    The issue isn't whether size 0 is an unobtainale ideal or whatever... it's that it looks vomit inducingly disgusting!!

  2. I don't think she's too skinny! "You can never be too rich or too thin" Wallis Simpson quote. Really though you cant win Kim Kardashian is too fat and Tara Reid is too thin according to some people but I don't think Tara's too thin she just looks weird with the way her stomach is hanging out.

  3. I don't normally swear but FUCK ME! You pick on fat girls and here you are picking on skinny ones too is no one safe from your crap? What a bellend you are. Give it up and get a life.